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Investment Casting by SIMIS Precision Casting,Superalloy Casting and Lost Wax Casting!
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Stainless Steel Casting by SIMIS Precision Casting Co.,Ltd.
Simis,China Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter - Stainless Steel Casting manufacturer,We mainly use silicasol shell lost wax casting process to produce stainless steel casting with the material of austenitic stainless steel casting and martensitic stainless steel casting, 17-4PH and so on. All of our stainless steel castings are widely used in almost all of the industry fields.

Taiyuan Simis Investment Casting Co., Ltd., a professional investment casting manufacturer through lost wax casting process in China, is provided with outstanding ability of mould making, investment casting and machining. It uses two types of lost wax casting processes, silica sol shell process and soluble glass process, to produce investment casting. It mainly manufactures superalloy investment casting, stainless steel casting, carbon steel lost wax casting, alloy steel investment casting, aluminum investment casting, copper lost wax casting and cast iron investment casting through lost wax casting process. Its products, such as turbocharger or supercharger, turbine blade, turbo impeller, nozzle, stainless steel valve, stainless steel pipe fittings, flanges, marine hardware, automotive parts and construction hardware, are widely used in almost all kinds of industry fields, such as aviation engine, aerospace engine, gas turbine, ship, metallurgy, petroleum, automotive, medical and construction. There are 500 staffs and 40 engineers now in our company. Its annual production capacity for all types of investment casting is about 3000 tons. Holding over 100 sets of advanced investment casting, machining and test equipments, it works strictly according to ISO9001:2000 quality system. It is also equipped with many advanced CNC machining center, CNC turning center, CNC milling machine and CNC lathes. It can do the heat-treatment, electricity polishing, mirror polishing and CNC machining at the request of clients. Insisting on seeking development with science and technology and surviving on high quality, Simis Investment Casting Company honestly welcome internal and external clients to cooperate with us.

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Taiyun Simis Investment Casting Co., Ltd.

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A professional manufacturer and exporter of various investment castings produced by lost wax casting process.

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